Or are some things better left unsaid?
Published on May 16, 2004 By josiebabe In Life Journals
I feel terrible. Last night, I knowingly went out with for a few drinks with some ex-co-workers, whom I haven't seen in ages. It turns out that two of the guys who showed up, I had at one time kissed. I'm also really honest with my boyfriend. I tell him everything, and he knows about those two instances.

I don't know where my fault lies heavier: always telling my boyfriend the truth, or deciding to go out with old friends who I've made out with. Needless to say, he put two and two together last night and realized who I was out with and got quite upset. Supposedly, in his mind, I'm the slut at work and the guys were talking about me behind my back, and there is no way he could handle other guys talking about me like a piece of ass. I'd like to think that I could trust the guys, or at least one of them, enough to know at that that is not true. But I'll never really know.

So I've got a pain in my gut and I feel heartless for yelling at my honey last night. In my slightly drunken state, I left an ugly message telling him that his reaction solidified my decision to call our relationship quits. WTF? I guess his anger was a totally well placed misdirection that made me totally forget about his gambling debts.

I'm miserable. So I'm off to feign to be a good girl at mass.

on May 16, 2004
My mother always told me, "Never tell your spouse or significant other everything". I myself am a blatently honest person and have a problem hiding the truth, but I have to say...some things are better left unsaid!!!!!Good luck Honey.
on May 16, 2004
I always tell the truth ...yes it gets me into trouble at times.

Maybe you need to work at making him feel more secure.

Please tell me these make outs were before him.

If you are always honest then he should know they mean nothing?

on May 16, 2004
Well now Josiebabe.

You sound like a nearly perfect woman to me. Lusty and crusty and mostly trusty---. Check out my last posting, about "What Men Really Want." You might find it interesting. Relationships can't develop according to rules, only according to where the two people involved are in their lives, and where they're willing to go in order to grow, together or apart. You know what I'm saying? Best of luck and keep the faith!!
on May 16, 2004
Guys get jealous, it happens. But yaknow, that instills an extra bit of passion because we're trying ever harder to top whatever we believe might be an alternative to ourselves. I think as long as you let this guy know you're not intending to jump someone else while you're attached, it'll be fine. Patch things up with him, assure him he's got nothing to worry about, but don't let him run your social life. Just ask him to trust you.

We like to know where our gals are, what they're doing. It sure beats the alternative of wondering, and making stuff up.